Students have a strong history of sparking change and making a difference to their community and further afield. Here’s a snapshot of the campaigns we’ve been working on this year.



Look After Your Mate campaign is aimed at encouraging students to open up to their friends and reducing the stigma around Mental Health.

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness and Movember, this campaign aims to empower students to check themselves regularly whilst also raising money for the Movember charity.

Students' will have one week to provide feedback, hack solutions and pitch a master plan to a panel of University big wigs.
With exams and assessments around the corner, Stress Less is a campaign that encourages students to take a break from revision and look after themselves.




























Free sanitary products are now available on all campuses. Look out for the red box!

This year, we braved the shave and raised a whopping £559 for the Movember foundation.

We collected over 250 gifts kindly donated by staff and students to make sure that no child misses out at Christmas.

A coffee morning, full of crafting and contemplation, followed by a two minutes silence to honour those we lost to transphobic violence.

Following the success of our Harvest Festival Food Bank, permanent food collection points are now available in all of our SU spaces across campuses.

Students' had one week to provide feedback, hack solutions and pitch a master plan to a panel of University big wigs.


Check Yo' Self is a campaign aimed at raising awareness around sexual health, and tackling the stigma that comes with it.

Following an extensive three-month planning process, the SU Talent Month is a culmination of events showcasing student talent. 

There was a bungee run, fairground games, a trip to Alton towers and free popcorn too!
















We’ve also worked to address these issues:

  • Making USW Greener – Ongoing work with the Earth Society and University to build on greener initiatives.
  • Social Space in Newport – To improve the SU presence in the Newport campus with a social space.
  • Microwaves on Campus – To provide students with a sustainable self-catering option on campus.
  • Free water for everyone – To establish more water fountains on all campuses.
  • Society funding scheme - Established an updated model to fund societies fairly.
  • New SU office space in Glyntaff – To Increase the SU presence in Glyntaff, in order to support students in a private setting.
  • Sustainable shop – To work on reducing unnecessary waste in our shops.


In addition to our own campaigns we have also worked on a range of national issues and events:

  • LGBT History Month February was LGBT+ History month! This year we honoured influential LGBT+ figures from the past and present and the different aspects of the rainbow flag that they represent. Check out an article about the LGBT flag written by Sexual Orientation Officer, Duncan here. 
  • International Women's Day – International Women’s Day provides us with the opportunity to celebrate the strides we have made towards a more equal society. This year the theme was, inspirational women.
  • Trans Day of Remembrance This year, we had a day of events to mark Trans Day of Remembrance (TDOR). Led with a coffee morning, full of crafting and contemplation,  we raised the Trans flag to half mast at 11am, and observed a two minute silence to honour those we have lost to transphobic violence or suicide in the past year.
  • NUS: Period Poverty – This year, we joined forces with NUS Wales, to make Period Poverty history once and for all. As a result, free sanitary products are now available on all USW campuses.