University Complaints

University Complaints

  • USW has an official complaints procedure to help students voice concerns and resolve problems
  • Early resolution is the first step – raise concerns verbally or in writing with the person responsible
  • Formal investigation is the next stage, if required
  • Advice and support is available at every stage
Complaints Procedure

If you are dissatisfied with an aspect of the University’s provisions and you wish to complain, you should follow the University’s Complaints Procedure, which is open to all students of the University of South Wales.

When a complaint is received, the University seeks to resolve it as quickly and fairly as possible, whether it is about services provided by the University, treatment by a member of staff, student or visitor, or any other issue.

The Complaints Procedure is explained on the University Secretary’s Office website here.

In brief:

  • Early resolution – attempt to resolve the problem informally with the person/people involved.
  • Formal Investigation – if early resolution fails then initiate a formal investigation by completing a Student Complaint Form and sending it to the Student Casework Unit.
Advice and Support

Students can seek advice and guidance on how to lodge an appeal or complaint through a number of avenues, including the Students’ Union, Advice Zones and Student Services. Specialist advice on the regulations and procedures is available from staff in the Student Casework Unit. Pastoral support is available from the Students’ Union, Student Services and the Chaplaincy. Support for students with certain disabilities with regard to access to regulations and procedures is provided through the Disability and Dyslexia Service within Student Services and Library Services.