University of South Wales Students' Union

SU Talent Month



Following an extensive three-month planning process, the SU Talent Month is a culmination of events showcasing student talent from all of the USW campuses.



What is SU Talent Month?

This year the SU has tried something very different, where our students were at the heart of the initiative. The six multi-campus events went through the whole of February, with events from live music acts to a film showcase to a live art exhibition. All the events were hosted by your very own USW students, all from different backgrounds of study and campuses. The SU Talent Month was a fantastic way for students to collaborate with others that they may never have thought to have networked.



What did we set out to achieve?

The SU wanted to provide students with the chance to collaborate and network beyond their field of study. Using informal events to stimulate this message. As a SU, we are constantly challenged to how we have our students’ academic interest in what we do, therefore this campaign ticks all the boxes. We want to provide students with multiple routes to gain employability skills in a real-world setting whilst having fun at the same time.



What happened during the month?



05 Feb

Film Showcase

This event was a chance for USW Filmmakers to feature their films on the big screen. Students from different disciplines of study came along to enjoy the film screening.

25 Feb

The Street Exhibition

In a week-long event, a gallery of student art pieces were on display in the Atrium. The exhibition even had a flash mob, students from different societies made the gallery even more lively.

08 Feb

Welsh Language Music Day

To honour the Welsh language through music, USW students performed their own music.



01 March

St. David's Day

What a way to end with a BANG! Celebrating an amazing month of talent. The Grand Finale hosted live bands and DJs for St. David's Day.




15 Feb

Acoustic Evening

This event was open to the local community as well as students from the Newport campus. It was performed by USW students, providing an an entertaining evening of acoustic sets.





























Special thanks

A special thank you to all the students involved in making these events come to life. Their voluntary efforts must be not unheard. Check out their social media and websites, and support your fellow students. Like what you see, why not get in touch with them and collaborate.