Religion and Belief

Religion & Beliefs - Support for students

The University wishes to give every student the best possible chance to achieve their academic potential, and therefore will endeavour to be as flexible as is practically possible in accommodating students’ wishes with regard to observance of religious beliefs.

Students who believe that their own religion or belief system may have implications for taking part in normal student activities – such as lectures, examinations or practical classes – should raise potential issues with their course tutors as soon as possible, ideally at their course induction sessions.

Students may wish to be aware of the guidelines which staff follow in accommodating religion and belief at the University. The guidelines for students are contained in the second part of the document.

There is a Chaplaincy to the University which is open and inclusive. While rooted in the Christian tradition, the Chaplains respect everyone’s faith, and the thinking and exploration of those who are not committed to any faith. One of the Chaplaincy’s aims is to assist people of other faiths to access appropriate support in the practice of their faith; we also provide the Faith Wales database of local places of worship. The Chaplains will be happy to speak with any student who is concerned about how their personal practice of religion or belief might affect their student experience – you can use any of these means of contact.