University of South Wales Students' Union

Trick Or Treat


For Halloween this year, we went trick or treating to collect food for the local food bank.We took along an empty trolley, but little did we know, we would come back with a lorry-load of food!



How did it all start?

We started small. Every year the Chaplaincy Service runs a Harvest festival and in 2018, we approached them to work together collecting food for the local food bank. Food banks provide a safety net for people suffering financial hardship, whether a long time member of the local community or a student who has been here a month.

We’re a massive university in quite a small town, and sometimes people can get the wrong idea about students, so we wanted to set the record straight. We put faith in our students’ generosity and community spirit, and they didn’t let us down!




What did we do?

After a successful evening of trick or treating in 2018, our simple idea gained so much attention that this year, Cardiff University Students’ Union wanted to collaborate with us to take this to the next level!

So we teamed up with student volunteers in Treforest, Cardiff and Newport, got dressed and went trick or treating to collect food for the local food banks. 





What was the outcome?

Our volunteers did an amazing job of raising awareness of food poverty and gathered a HUGE 162.5 kilograms of food donations for the Cardiff food bank! Donations from Treforest and Newport were taken to the Chaplaincy Service.

We were blown away by the generosity of students, and when we explained to people living in the local community what we were doing out Trick or Treating at our age, so were they.

We hope to continue to raise awareness about food poverty and make a difference in our community with campaigns such as the food bank trick or treating and many more.