University of South Wales Students' Union

Your Voice
Your Student Voice shapes everything we do. Every year students are Elected to lead the Union, students just like you. They fight and campaign for things like better facilities and equal provision across campuses.

SU Officers

The SU Officer team is made up of passionate USW students who are elected to ensure the student voice is heard at the highest level.
The team is made up of Full-time officers who have taken a year out of their studies or have recently graduated and Part-time Officers who campaign on issues relating to their liberation groups or regions.

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Student Voice Reps

SVRs earn up to £500 by working with Course Reps, the Students’ Union and Senior Faculty management to improve the quality of teaching and learning at USW. Each faculty has at least 1 SVR, elected between March and April each year.

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Course Reps

Course Reps are a critical link between students and lecturers; they gather feedback from classmates and attend meetings with Course Management to give feedback and propose solutions to issues on their course. They work closely with SVRs to take unresolved course issues to Senior Faculty Management.

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Each year students Elect who they would like to lead their Students' Union. Supported by over 31,000 students, those elected direct and shape the Union. They make lasting changes to improve the lives of students. They make sure the student voice is heard at a University and National level.
Standing for election is your opportunity to be part of this. You might want to see more student activities, or perhaps you have a passion for student welfare, no matter what your interests are and no matter what you study, this is YOUR chance to make change.

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