University of South Wales Students' Union

Nuts, Nips & Other Bits

Did you know that breast cancer doesn’t just affect women over 50? Or that testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men aged 15-45?


Yet, men are 80% are less likely to visit the GP than women. In my experience, society expects men to be the quintessential Superman character; brave, strong, powerful and fearless. However, even Clark Kent had his kryptonite.


“You’ve got a tumour.”


Being sat in the GP’s Surgery as they wrote an urgent referral to the Breast Cancer clinic, these words were echoing in my ears. I was a 21-year-old male, athletic, rarely ill and yet a little lump I’d found in the shower had led to this. Having to deal with this whilst trying to continue my studies, train for BUCS and work two jobs was difficult; as students, we don’t place as much importance on our mental and physical health as we should.


Whilst not seen as a male-oriented disease, breast cancer can definitely affect all genders and ages. It’s true that statistically women over 50 are most at risk, however, that isn’t a good enough reason not to check ourselves.


We’re all guilty of thinking we’re invincible (especially whilst at University), however, none of us is superhuman. Nuts, Nips and Other Bits is here to encourage you to check your bits regularly. 


Get checked


It’s time to get serious and learn how to check your nips, nuts and other bits. We’ve organised some hands-on workshops which will equip attendees with the knowledge and confidence required to check themselves.


By the end of the campaign, we hope to have encouraged at least 200 students to have checked themselves and acted accordingly.


By noticing the symptoms early, you have a higher chance of the treatment being successful. A simple check can make such a difference. We also want to make sure that everyone on campus knows that they aren’t alone and have someone to talk to.


I’ll also be making a complete tit of myself by running Newport Half Marathon whilst wearing a giant boob for CoppaFeel. #livingmybreastlife


I can't wait to see you all at our upcoming workshops - follow me on social media for more on these.