University of South Wales Students' Union


SU Leadership Race 2023


The SU Leadership Race 2023 was held in the second term of the 2022/23 academic year. From successful nominations, there were 14 candidates for positions as a Sabbatical Officer, Student Voice Representative, and Student Council. Voting closed at 6 pm on Thursday 16th March with a total of 560 individual voters.  The results from the Leadership race are as followed: 


Student Council

Mature Students’ Officer

Valid vote: 230

Quota: 116

Vinaya Dudane 211

Re-Open Nominations 19


Swyddog yr Iaith Gymraeg

Valid vote: 205

Quota: 103

Riley Rattray 179

Re-Open Nominations 26


International Students’ Officer

Valid vote: 232

Quota: 117

Qayanat Shaikh 216

Re-Open Nominations 16


LGBT+ (Open) Students’ Officer

Valid vote: 210

Quota: 106

Will Simpson 189

Re-Open Nominations 21


Student Voice Representatives

Faculty of Computing, Engineering & Science

Valid vote: 82

Quota: 42

Will Light-Hook 71

Re-Open Nominations 11

Faculty of Life Sciences & Education

Valid vote: 89

Quota: 30

James Catchpole 52

Jordan Lewis-Iles 35

Re-Open Nominations 2

Chair of Student Voice Forum

Valid vote: 219

Quota: 110

Liks Robert 204

Re-Open Nominations 15


Full-Time Officers


VP Activities

Valid vote: 239

Quota: 120

Kenul Herath 216

Re-Open Nominations 23


VP Welfare

Valid vote: 456

Quota: 229

Cheryl Chingosho 294

Keatan Rees 155

Re-Open Nominations 7


VP Education

Valid vote: 386

Quota: 194

Clayton Quiah 132

Sofia Soberon 246

Re-Open Nominations 8


Due to a breach of election regulations, Clayton was removed from the election and his second preferences were transferred. This made no difference to the above figures.



Valid vote: 260

Quota: 131

Jamal Abdilahi 225

Re-Open Nominations 35


Thank you to everyone who voted in the election. and good luck to the new SU team leading the SU!