University of South Wales Students' Union

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SU By-Election 2023

SU By-Election Results


The SU By-Election was held on the 4th May and allowed students to vote for candidates in the following positions:

  • Chair of Student Council
  • Societies Officer
  • Sports Officer
  • Student Voice Representative (FBCI)


With all votes being counted, the following candidates are elected based on their percentage of the vote passing the quorate number:


Student Voice Representative (FBCI)


% of Votes Cast

Clayton Bradley Quiah   



Result: Clayton is duly elected as Student Voice Representative (FBCI)


Societies Officer


% of Votes Cast

James Connelly



Result: James is duly elected as Societies Officer


Sports Officer


% of Votes Cast

Robert Iyoukwe Ogah



Result: Robert is duly elected as Sports Officer


Chair of Student Council


% of Votes Cast

Athena Paschou


Robert Bailey



Result: Robert is duly elected as Chair of Student Council



Many congratulations to the newly elected councillors and representatives. Well done to all candidates for the work they put into campaigning and thank you to all students who voted.


What happens next?


All elected individuals will officially take up their roles on July 1st. For any additional vacancies, co-option will be held shortly to allow for any vacant positions to be filled. If you are interested in any of the vacant positions, please contact the Student Representation Manager, Ellis Thomas, at: