University of South Wales Students' Union


SU By-Elections 2022


What are Elections?

Elections are democratic processes where you, as students get a say in who leads you within the Students’ Union. As an organisation run by students, the Students’ Union holds elections to ensure that students are at the heart of what we do.

As there were no students nominated for the role of Welfare Officer, the By-Elections will instead be for the Chair of the Student Voice Forum.

The Chair of Student Voice Forum is a new role which will undertake a leadership role amongst the Student Voice Representatives, being the designated chair of Student Voice Forum. They also sit on the Union Executive and the University’s Learning and Teaching Enhancement Committee.

You can read more about the role here.


How can I get involved?

You can get involved by voting in the By-Election for the next Chair of SVF. The more people that vote, the more of a mandate that our student officers more mandate have to lobby the university on your behalf. It is important to not only support your favourite candidate but also make your vote count!

Voting opens on the 11th of October from 9 pm until 6 pm

Who can I ask for more information?

The Student Voice Team are on hand to answer any queries relating to the By-elections. Email Ellis, the Student Representation Manager via: with any queries.