Absence and attendance

Absence and attendance


Attendance is very important. However, if, for unavoidable reasons, you need to miss some of your timetabled activities, here’s what you need to do:

For short absences (less than 10 working days), email your course leader. For absences of 10 days or more, you have to request an authorisation of absence.

In some cases, students can request to suspend their studies for a year..


For many students, class attendance is not monitored as strictly as it would be in secondary school. That does not mean that attendance is optional – it can be crucial to your academic and personal success..

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What's in it for me?

The University has done some research comparing performance among students of different levels of attendance. We found that students with good attendance experienced the following benefits:

  • Greater chance of progression
  • Higher grades
  • More knowledge to inform assessment
  • Opportunities to improve transferable personal skills
  • Familiarisation with the views of others, which helps shape your arguments/knowledge
  • The whole summer to relax: no resits!
What you lose by not being in class

The flip side of the coin is that poor attendance has been shown to pose serious risks to students’ attainments:

  • Higher risks of failure
  • Poorer grades
  • Limited knowledge of course materials: Blackboard cannot fully replicate the vital input from tutors in class
  • Higher likelihood of resit coursework and/or exams in the summer
  • Lower chances of completion within three years – and therefore higher risks of more debt and financial repercussions
Attendance monitoring for international students with a study visa

If you are studying on an international study visa, you will be required to report regularly to the University in order that the University can confirm you are actively engaged in your studies. Staff on your campus and course will advise you of their particular requirements for reporting..