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Period Exchange


Look out for the red box!



Did you know that the average cost of sanitary products per month is around £5. However, in the case of a student parent that has 2 children this could reach up to £15 and that is just on products. This does not include stained clothes or pain relief. Altogether the majority of those who menstruate will spend £18,450 on sanitary products in their lifetime. To put that into context you can buy an Audi A3 for that much, you can put a deposit on a house and you could travel the world. Even with the removal of tax on sanitary products, the cost is still a barrier to some and the Union wants to help alleviate that by providing free tampons, towels and mooncups to those who need them. 

There are red boxes in each of the SU spaces, so please feel free to help yourself when you need to and then, when you can, pop some replacement products in, to keep the boxes topped up - the Union budget will only go so far!


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Where can I find the red box?

Cardiff Campus

Outside the women's toilet,

Zen bar,

Students' Union.

Newport Campus

Students' Union shop



Treforest Campus

Outside the ground floor

women's toilet, 

Students' Union building.