University of South Wales Students' Union

Look After Your Mate

We know that the first few weeks after Freshers' can be quite difficult: getting to grips with your new timetable, beginning to tackle your workload, and probably missing home a bit. It’s during these weeks that it’s especially important to look out for your friends, old and new, and make sure they know you’re there for them.

Look After Your Mate is a two-week, multi-campus campaign aimed at encouraging students to open-up to their friends and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health. We're hosting a range of events across all campuses including coffee mornings, games/movie nights and the hugely popular Pet a Pooch, where students will have the opportunity to sign up to Wellbeing’s Look After Your Mate workshops.

We want to encourage students to be more open about mental health and reduce the stigma currently associated with it. In addition, we’re aiming to give students practical skills that they can use if a friend approaches them with a mental health problem.