University of South Wales Students' Union

Academic Support

During your time at University, you may need advice about an academic issue. The Students' Union offers an independent and confidential advice service, which can advise and guide students through the University’s academic regulations. The Full-time Officers can support and represent students facing fitness to practice, allegations of plagiarism (unfair practice) or a disciplinary due to misconduct at University hearings.

The University expects you to be familiar with your course handbook and the academic regulations. Both can appear to be quite complex, but the full time officers will be happy to sit down and help you to understand them.

Please note that these web pages only provide general guidance on academic support and University policy. It should not be regarded or relied upon as a complete or authoritative statement of University policy or procedures.


Whilst studying at USW you are expected to conduct yourself in a certain manner. You may need help responding to disciplinary action, concerns about your suitability to be on a course, or you may be facing allegations of unfair practice. The Students' Union Full-time Officers can explain these processes and advise you on how to act.

If you need to leave USW, change your course or are unable to attend your course, the Education & Welfare Officers can help.


We know that exams and coursework are stressful. If you are facing extenuating circumstances, we can explain how to report them within your faculty's deadline.

If you are unhappy with your course or service provided by the University, we can explain the University's complaint processes.

Students who have completed the internal procedures of the University can also seek advice about complaining to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.