Student Safety & Crime Prevention

Student Safety & Crime Prevention

What the university / union does to protect you

The University has security cover for our campuses and our halls of residence. Security measures vary between locations and times of day, and may include campus lighting, security staff, CCTV coverage, an on-campus emergency phone number, trained first responders and more.

Personal safety alarms are available free of charge from the Students’ Union

The University and Students' Union works with local police forces and promotes security related messages and communications to raise student awareness of various issues at relevant times in the academic year.

Mobile apps for safety

First Aid

If you know the emergency phone number, and you have a good idea where you are when an emergency occurs, you should call it directly. If, however, you are travelling through foreign countries, or if you are in an unfamiliar area / place when an emergency occurs, it can be useful to have an app on your smartphone to help locate you for emergency services.

Echo112 is an app that geolocates you, finds the emergency number for the country you are in, and uses the phone’s GPS to locate you on a map which emergency operators can access online. The app makers claim that it works worldwide, but it is based primarily in Switzerland. It relies on the phone’s GPS and requires the phone operators to access a specified website.

Personal Safety