Student Finance

Student Finance can be confusing, whether you're new to University life or a continuing student.

It's really important to ensure that you're getting everything you're entitled to and know how any changes you make to your study may affect you and any future studies you may like to undertake.

As an undergraduate, the student finance you can apply for will depend on a number of factors:

  • when you started your course
  • where you are from
  • previous study
  • parental income

Extra funding may be available for students who are care leavers, students with children or partners, and students with a disability.

Undergraduate funding may be a combination of grants (non-repayable) and loans (repayable - but only after your course has finished and you are earning over a certain threshold.) Applications are made to the funding authority for the area you lived in prior to coming to USW, e.g. Student Finance England; Student Finance Wales.

Some healthcare and nursing courses (including some years of medicine and dentistry) are funding differently.

To clarify whether you are receiving your full entitlement, please get in touch with an advisor at the University.

If you are thinking of withdrawing from your course or changing your course, please speak to an adviser before you make a final decision. Student finance will stop all future payments as soon as confirmation of your withdrawal is receive and may try to reclaim some of the money you have already received. Also, fees may be payable for a term (or more) even if you are only at University for a short amount of time. When considering withdrawing, you should be aware also that any funding you have already received can have an impact on the funding you can receive in the future. To make sure that you are fully aware of what these implications are, and to ensure that you are paying/repaying what you are required to, please speak to an advisor at the University.


Funding entitlement is different for EU, international and postgraduate students.