University of South Wales Students' Union

Stress Less

Stress Less 2021

A week-long, all-campus campaign, Stress Less aims to provide you with calming mechanisms, so that you are able to feel good, and perform better. As you can see below, we have various different activities for you to engage with, so come one, or come all.

As is always received well by our students, Therapy Dogs Nationwide will be returning for Pet a Pooch. Alongside them will be Blasus Succulent Emporium joining us again with over 200 varieties of houseplants, succulents, and cacti for you to peruse, all at affordable prices. Finally, some students from Year 2 Creative & Therapeutic Arts will be holding some pop-up booths for you to hop into! 

If you physically cannot attend any of our in-person events, we have also brought back the Stress Less Timetable & Survival Guide, which will ensure you are properly organized during your revising sessions. 

It also has within it some of USW’s policies surrounding taking assessments, such as Fit to Sit, Extenuating Circumstances, and Self-Certification. If you are certain, you cannot attend your scheduled assessment time, I heavily recommend you check these out to cover your bases. 

And do remember that if at any point you do feel inundated from the amount of revising you are putting yourself through, reach out to us at the Students’ UnionThe Wellbeing Services Team, or Advice Zone for assistance through these times.