University of South Wales Students' Union

Student Voice Reps (SVRs)

SVRs work to enhance learning, teaching and student experience at a Faculty level for current and future students. They have equal say at Faculty level meetings where they give feedback to staff, propose solutions to problems, and have an active role in the organisation and management of the faculty.

The Students’ Union is responsible for training and supporting Student Voice Reps across the entire University, working with academic departments and professional services to help students make as many positive changes as possible. 


What are the main responsibilities of a Student Voice Rep?

  • Representation: To represent the voice of students on a faculty level and work strategically with university staff to improve the student experience. 
  • Promotion: to raise awareness of their role and that of the Students' Union to students. 
  • Campaign: work alongside elected officer campaigns and run their own campaigns on academic issues facing students.


Being an SVR is a great opportunity to not only develop your own personal qualities and skills but a way to network with other students and staff members across the university. SVRs have the chance to undertake a range of opportunities, from attending conferences, undertaking CPD and being recognised for their work. 

If you are dissatisfied with your Student Voice Rep, click here.