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SVRs work to enhance learning, teaching and student experience at a Faculty level for current and future students. They have equal say at Faculty level meetings where they give feedback to staff, propose solutions to problems, and have an active role in the organisation and management of the faculty.

As a Students’ Union we are responsible for training and supporting Student Voice Reps across the entire University, working with academic departments and professional services to help students make as many positive changes as possible. The Students' Union also supports them in undertaking a research project into current student issues.

Chair of Student Voice Forum

The Chair of the Student Voice Forum (SVF) offers leadership and direction to other SVRs. They are responsible for chairing Student Voice Forum and are members of the Union Executive Committee. Only Previous SVRs can become Chair of SVF.

Faculty of Computing, Engineering & Science (FCES)

Faculty of Business Creative Industries (FBCI)

Faculty of Life Sciences & Education (FLSE)