University of South Wales Students' Union

This Year's Winners

Student Choice Awards 2023 Winners

Best Lecturer 

Jessica Emanuel (FBCI, 2023)

Tom Owens (FLSE, 2023)

Hannah Seale (FCES, 2023)

Tom Owens (Winner of Winners, 2023)

Best Course Leader

Hannah Coburn (FBCI, 2023)

Rachel Taylor (FLSE, 2023)

Mia Lambert (FCES, 2023)

Mia Lambert (Winner of Winners, 2023)

Best Supervisor

Diana Wallace and Marta Minier (FBCI, 2023)

Stacey Rees (FLSE, 2023)

Michael Morse (FCES, 2023)

Michael Morse (Winner of Winners, 2023)

Outstanding Student Support

Claire Davies (2023)

Staff Award for Student Support

Karl Luke (2023)

Course Rep of the Year

Georgia Powell (2023)

Student Voice Rep of the Year

Sofia Soberon (2023)

Student Councillor of the Year

Athena Paschou (2023)

Apprentice Rep (England) of the Year

James Howells (2023)

Most Inspirational Student

Sonia Andreou (2023)

Special Recognition Award

Lewis Fall