As a democratic organisation, we hold annual elections so you, as students, can decide who will lead the SU as our elected Officers for the next academic year.

By-Election 2024

The By-Elections are held after the SU Leadership Race to fill any vacant positions! This year, as we have already filled all of our full-time roles, we are looking for students who want to gain experience, alongside their studies! We have a range of part-time positions available in both our Student Council and Student Voice Forum, as well as Student Trustees. Here's the key times & dates:

Nominations are open until 1pm on the 2nd May

Voting is on the 9th May from 9am until 6pm



Nominations Checklist

Thinking about becoming a candidate? Here is your essential checklist to be eligble to stand in the By-Election:

Step One: Submit your nomination on the form (link above), in this you'll need to include your manifesto o fwhat you'd work on in office.

Step Two: If you're standing to be a Student Trustee, you must sign the Trustee Declaration (see above) any other roles are NOT required to sign this document.

Step Three: Once you've done that, you're officially a candidate! Keep an eye out for an email for confirmation and further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Elections?

The Elections (or SU Leadership Race) are held annually to determine who will become our Officer team for the next academic year. Students, just like you, are able to stand for a position, run a campaign to encourage students to vote for them or simply use your vote to ensure that those elected represent your views!

When are the Elections Happening?

The 2024 Elections are happening throughout Term Two! Nominations will open on the 29th of January and close on the 29th of February, candidates will then attend Candidate Briefing on the 1st of March before campaigning until voting ends - voting will open on the 11th of March and close at 5pm on the 14th March, with results being announced later that night!

What positions can I run for?

There are a range of Full-time and Part-time positions that are available for you to run for! You could join our sabbatical officer team as the President, VP Welfare, VP Activities or VP Education; or if you wanted a part-time role alongside your studies there are a range of Student Council Officer Positions and Student Voice Representatives. You are also able to stand to become a Student Trustee where, if elected, you would be a key member of our Trustee Board!

How can I stand?

The Elections are run through our website, so you will be able to stand for the position here! You will need a student to suport your nomination and if you are running for a Sabbatical Officer you will need an additional three students to support it too! If you have any questions about the nomination process, please email ellis.thomas@southwales.ac.uk

If I become a candidate, what do I have to do?

Once nominations have closed, you will need to attend Candidates' Briefing! This is scheduled to take place on Friday 1st March and you will learn more about the next steps, take part in some filming and meet the other candidates! You will then need to campaign across campuses to encourage students to vote for you!

Who is RON?

RON stands for Re-Open Nominations, if you feel as if none of the candidates are best suited to the position they are running for you can vote to elect RON in your preferences. If RON receives the most votes and is elected, we restart the election process from the start for that role. Any candidates who were in this category are not eligible to re-run in the new election. And this process can repeat until a new candidate can be elected.

What happens if all of the roles aren't filled in the election?

If there are still vacancies of roles after the main election we will run a by-election. By-elections have a quicker turnaround time compared to the main election.


Recommend a Student

Whether you teach, supervise, support, work with or know a student who would make a great Student Leader - we want to hear from you! Nominations for our SU Leadership Race open on January 29th 2024 and close on February 29th 2024. If you know someone who would be a great fit for this type of role, we'd love to know about them! All you need to do is complete the form below and let us know why they'd be a good fit and we'll do the rest - our team will reach out to them with some information and the extra encouragement they may need.

Click here to recommend a student


Election Resources

Resources for the Elections will be updated ahead of nominations opening, including the regulations and nomination pack!

If you have any questions about the Elections, please email sustudentvoice@southwales.ac.uk