USWSU campaigns aim to address a wide range of issues, from mental health and inclusivity to sustainability and social justice, fostering a vibrant and socially conscious campus environment.

What are campaigns?

Our campaigns are created, organised and facilitated by our officer team (both full-time and part time). These focus on the things that matter most to our students, and can enact positive change within the student community or raise awareness on the topics impacting our students. In the past, campaigns have been on period poverty, Black History Month and tackling issues within the wider community by collecting donations for food banks.

The strength of these campaigns lies within their student-led nature - meaning, students have the opportunity to shape the direction and focus of these initiatives. Whether it is organising events, workshops or impactful content, students play a pivotal role in driving the conversation and encouraging their peers to get involved.

Our campaigns aim to create a vibrant, socially conscious and inclusive environment by prioritising student well-being, celebrating diversity, promoting sustainability and advocating for social justice. By collaborating with external organisations, hosting panel discussions and encouraging dialogue, we empower students to become agents of change and amplify their voices on the issues that matter the most to them.

All of our campaigns are student-led which means we want to keep the needs of our community at the heart of work. So if you want to see a campaign, you can submit your ideas below or speak to one of our officers about what you would like to see.

Get Involved

All of our campaigns are student led and student centred. To get involved, or to propose your own campaign idea, send us a message here.