Democracy underpins everything at USWSU as students actively participate in the election of officers, engage with Student Voice Representatives, and exercise their right to vote, shaping a student-led and inclusive university experience.

Democracy at USWSU

We are a democratic organisation, which means that you (as students) have a meaningful say in the decision-making processes that shape your university experience. Annually, we hold an SU Leadership Race where four full-time officers (as well as our part time officers) are elected to represent you and serve as advocates to ensure that your voice is heard at the highest levels.

These officers, including the President, Vice Presidents, and other executive positions, are elected by students through a transparent voting process. They actively engage with students, listen to your concerns, and work tirelessly to address their needs. Through regular meetings, open forums, and collaborative initiatives, our officers provide a platform for you to voice their opinions and influence key decisions that impact their university lives.

Our Student Voice Representatives also play a vital role in promoting democratic engagement. These representatives are elected by their peers to serve as the voice of their respective faculties. They actively gather feedback, listen to student concerns, and present them to the university committees and decision-making bodies. By ensuring that students' perspectives are considered in matters such as academic policies, campus facilities, and student services, Student Voice Representatives play a crucial role in shaping the university environment.