Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for 2024 is scheduled to take place at 6 pm on the 25th of January in Eclipse within the Treforest Students' Union Building.

Your 2024 Annual General Meeting

The 2024 Annual General Meeting (or AGM) is scheduled to take place at 6pm on the 25th of January in Eclipse (which is located within the Treforest Students' Union building. This is your opportunity to make changes to your University experience and our chance to communicate with you as out members and take any comments,questions or proposals.

What is an Annual General Meeting?

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an all-student meeting that occurs once per academic year. Most public organisations have these once a year, to communicate with their members and take any comments, questions, or proposals.

AGM allows students to approve the Students' Union's budgets, accounts, and associations (for example, our association with BUCS). It also allows students to put forward proposals to make changes, which are then voted on by all students present. As well as this, the AGM is an opportunity for students to scrutinise the work of elected officers and to ensure that they are fulfilling the promises they made during their election campaign. The Board of Trustees also submits a report which means you will be able to see how decision-making at every level of the Students’ Union has impacted you, the student body.

Do I need to register for AGM?

Yes! In order to attend please fill in this registration form to ensure that your place at AGM Is secured. Registration is needed to ensure that we know how many students are planning on being in attendance. For the AGM to be quorate and ensure it can run, there must be no less than 100 students present at any one time.

What is on the Agenda for AGM?

The agenda is full of opportunities to see the Students’ Union’s affiliations and accounts, as well as student proposals for calls to action and policy changes. You can view all of the submitted papers at the top of this page.

Submission of Questions to the Accounts

If you would like to ask a question regarding the Accounts (Item 1 on the Agenda, Paper 2). Then please submit the questions to the account form and email it to Rhiannon Jones via email: Rhiannon.jones@southwales

The deadline for submitting questions to the accounts is the 24th of January 2023. Please note that questions from the floor will not be permitted for this agenda item.

Proxy Vote

Unable to attend AGM but still want to vote and support a motion you feel passionate about? You can submit a proxy vote to still have your say. Just fill in the Proxy Vote Form (Here) and submit it to Rhiannon Jones ( no later than 5 pm on 25th January 2023, Proxy votes are done in confidence and should only be submitted when there are genuine reasons which present you from attending in person.

Transport to the Event

If you are studying at Newport or Cardiff Campuses, you can book transport to the AGM for free. To do this please fill in the relevant section on the registration form. Transport will be from campuses and will depart from campuses at approximately 5 pm. Information on transport meeting points will be sent to you should you request transport.

Arriving at the Event

The AGM is scheduled to begin at 6 pm. To ensure you are in attendance, make sure to be at the Students’ Union building between 17:00 – 17:50 for entry. This allows us enough time to process all attendees and gives you the opportunity to get comfortable and ready for the event to begin.

When you make your way to the Students’ Union, you will be asked for your name and to produce your student ID. It is essential that you ensure you bring your Student ID with you as you will be unable to attend the AGM without valid proof of student status. After that, feel free to sit down and relax, You can leave the room at any point.


The Annual General Meeting for 2023 took place at 6 pm on the 26th of January in Eclipse Nightclub.We successfully reached quoracy and members voted on a range of proposals.
The agenda can be found here.

AGM Papers

1. Minutes of the previous General Meeting 2. Trustees Report Including Audited Accounts 2021/2022 3. Approval of Affiliations 2022/23 4. Formalise Student Engagement 5a. International Housing 5b. Home Rugby Pitch 5c. Rat Extermination 5d. Tape and Physio for Rugby Team