Get Involved

How can you get involved with a Democratic Processes and Student Voice?

As a democratic organistion who are run by students, for students: there are plenty of ways that you can get involved with our Student Voice processes! Whether you are wanting to become the voice of students and run for President or would like to represent your cohort as a Course Representative, we have something for everyone. We have two major democratic events held each year:

  • The Annual General Meeting
    • This is where students can submit proposals of what they would like to see changed at the University. The AGM must have 100 students present to meet quoracy and they then listen to the proposals, question the proposer and vote on whether they would like to see it implemented. In the past students have submitted proposals to build a home rugby pitch, formalise Course Rep engagement and on issues such as International Housing.
  • The SU Leadership Race
    • Our Elections are held every year (in Term Two) where students can stand to become our next Full-Time Officers, Student Councillors and Student Voice Represenatives. Whilst there are postions that encompass a range of responsibilities and areas of interest, we know that not every student will want to run but we encourage you to vote for the student who best represents your needs. The elected students will shape the Union's direction during their time in office!

We sometimes hold a By-Election. This occurs in the event that we do not have a four Full-Time Officers after the main elections. We may also have co-option in place to fill vacant Student Voice Represenative and Student Council postitions.

If you are interested in running as an officer or want to find our more, you can email our Student Voice Represenation Manager, Ellis via or our Democracy and Campaigns Coordinator, Keatan, via