Meeting Locations and Dates

All democratic meetings are decided in advance of the Academic Year and are open for any student to attend and observe. Below are the different democratic meetings, their dates and the location of the physical meetings. All democratic events can also be joined online. 


As an observer, you are able to watch the discussion take place and offer comments on topics being discussed. All observers must behave in an appropriate manner and only speak when indicated to do so. Observers can join in person or online.  As an observer, you are NOT able to vote on any decisions made at any of the democratic meetings.

For further information or to request to join a meeting as an observer, please contact


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Date of Meeting(s) Location Time of Meeting 
25/01/2024 Students' Union Building, Treforest  18:00 - 20:30

Union Executive Committee

The Union Executive Committee is a meeting that occurs fortnightly and is a chance for the Executive Officers to ratify any decisions from SVF and SC and discuss wider Union topics. 

Student Council (SC)

Student Council is the Union's primary policy-making body for non-academic matters. 

Date of Meeting(s) Location  Time of Meeting 
24/10/2023 Students' Union Building, Treforest  16:30
05/12/2023 TBC 16:30
06/02/2024 TBC 16:30
23/04/2024 TBC  16:30
04/06/2024 TBC 16:30


Student Voice Forum (SVF) 


Date of Meeting(s) Location  Time of Meeting 
26/10/2023 Students' Union Building, Treforest  16:30
07/12/2023 CAD201, USW Cardiff Campus 16:30
08/02/2024   16:30
25/04/2024   16:30
06/06/2024   16:30

Course Rep Assemblies (CRAs)

Course Rep Assemblies are an opportunity for Course Reps to provide feedback, whether positive or negative. This feedback helps your Student Voice Reps and The Students' Union to represent your interests. 

Course Rep Assemblies are held every term with 15 opportunities, spread across Pontypridd, Cardiff, and Newport Campus to engage. 


Term 1: 

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