As Education Officer, Lois represents students across all campuses on matters pertaining to education and academic experience. Lois works closely with Course Reps and Student Voice Reps, as well as the Full-time Officer Team to ensure the student voice is heard.



Lois Jones
Education Officer


Lois is a 22 year old Public Services graduate from North Wales. Whilst studying at the Pontypridd Campus, Lois was part of the SU’s Information Team. Her experience working at the SU led her to stand as VP Education. Having been on a work placement during her second year, Lois sees the value of work experience in increasing employability. Alongside her role, Lois volunteers with St John’s Ambulance and South Wales Fire Service.

Lois is a fluent Welsh speaker that loves plants and hates cheese on pizza.



  • Ensuring better support for Welsh-speaking students who wish to complete their assignments through the medium of Welsh.
  • Ensuring better engagement with Course Reps and strengthening communication between staff and students.
  • Preventing grouping of exams to ensure a more balanced timetable and introducing post-exam feedback.


“I love Freshers! From Freshers’ Fair to the evening events, the atmosphere across the University during the first few weeks is electric. The opportunities available to meet new people during Freshers’ are once in a lifetime and I can’t wait to be involved in creating those experiences for our new students.”