As Education Officer, Lois represents students across all campuses on matters pertaining to education and academic experience. Lois works closely with Course Reps and Student Voice Reps, as well as the Full-time Officer Team to ensure the student voice is heard.



Lois Jones
Education Officer


Lois is a 23-year-old Public Services graduate from North Wales. Lois has been working for the SU as VP Education for the last year and will be continuing her role for the next academic year. Having been on a work placement during her studies at USW, Lois sees the value of work experience in increasing skills set and employability. Alongside her role, Lois volunteers with St John’s Ambulance and South Wales Fire and Rescue Service. 


Lois is a fluent Welsh speaker that loves plants and hates cheese on pizza.



“One of my favourite thing about the SU is the support we offer. Whether it’s directly about your studies, or welfare based, the Full-Time Officers have worked to ensure students can access support with trust, respect and confidentiality. Being able to be part of the student journey has been very rewarding. Freshers is also one of my favourite things about the SU. While it will be very different this year, I cannot wait to welcome new students to the USW family.”