As Education Officer, David represents students across all campuses on matters pertaining to education and academic experience. David works closely with Course Reps and Student Voice Reps, as well as the Full-time Officer Team to ensure the student voice is heard.



David Pye
Education Officer

David is completing his degree in Business Management and is looking forward to advocating for students in his role as the VP of Education. Although only having studied at USW for 1 yr, he has a lot of prior experience working in an academic setting, having worked in his previous school's International Office for 2 years. He is a big promoter of studying abroad (go for it!) as this is his second time doing it, his first was a semester in Japan which was eye-opening culturally and definitely attributed to his self-development. If you need motivation, see him.


In his spare time, David enjoys Zumba, working out, volunteering and gaming.




The Randy Dragon / Eclipse, as informal education is as important as what you are studying in-class, memories are what make your student experience, and nights out with friends have been some of the most memorable moments of my life.