Change Week 2018/19

Here you can read updates on the four main themes pitched to the panel of University and Students' Union 'big wigs' during SU Change Week 2018. 
    Idea Who's working on it Last update
    Make USW Greener and More Environmentally Friendly SU President March 2020
    Relevant Careers Communication Education Officer April 2020




    Idea Who's working on it Last update
    SU Presence in Cardiff and Newport SU President, Welfare Officer February 2020
    Access to Microwaves and Water Fountains on Campus SU President December 2019


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    Idea Who's working on it Last update
    Reusable Cups and Trays Activities Officer November 2019
    Parking in Cardiff and Newport Welfare Officer September 2019
    More Film Screenings SU President February 2020
    Outside Parks for Breaks on Campus Activities Officer November 2019
    Advertisement of SU Full-Time Officers SU President September 2019
    Improve Opening Hours, Prices and Variety Available at Catering Outlets SU President November 2019
    Student Volunteering: Mental Health Support Welfare Officer December 2019
    Student-Led Events SU President February 2020
    Better Feedback from Loop SU President December 2019
    More Publicity for the Chaplaincy Activities Officer, Welfare Officer November 2019
    Newport SU Shop Opening Times SU President October 2019
    Support in Finding Rooms Education Officer November 2019
    Computer Maintenance Education Officer September 2019
    Improvements to Timetable SU President, Education Officer September 2019
    Online Access to Timetables SU President, Education Officer September 2019
    Better Support for Mental Health Welfare Officer, SU President December 2019
    Lost Property on all Campuses Activities Officer November 2019
    Dogs on Campus Welfare Officer January 2020
    Tramshed Heating and Water Facilities SU President November 2019
    Accommodation Hub Opening Hours Welfare Officer September 2019
    More Books in Library Education Officer November 2019
    Improvements to the PostGrad Centre SU President November 2019
    More Counselling Sessions Welfare Officer December 2019
    More Funding for SU Sports, Societies and Clubs Activities Officer November 2019
    Software Availability Education Officer November 2019
    Improve Availability of Information about USW Alumni Welfare Officer February 2020
    Easier Booking System in Cardiff Welfare Officer January 2020
    More SU Societies in Cardiff and Newport Activities Officer November 2019
    Reduce Fees on Internship Years SU President November 2019
    Sign Language Classes Activities Officer November 2019
    LGBT+ Engagement SU President March 2020
    International Financial Support Activities Officer April 2020
    More Networking Events Education Officer April 2020




    Idea Who's working on it Last update
    Changes to SU Score Club Night SU President November 2019
    Blackboard Usability SU President December 2019
    Attendance in Lectures Education Officer January 2020
    Zen Bar Atmosphere SU President, Welfare Officer November 2019
    Assignment Bunching Education Officer December 2019
    More Study Skills Sessions Education Officer November 2019
    Recorded Lectures Education Officer December 2019
    Improving Library Spaces Education Officer November 2019
    Reduce Printing Costs Education Officer November 2019
    Welsh Language Use Education Officer February 2020
    More Support for SU Societies Activities Officer September 2019




    Idea Who's working on it Last update
    Parking in Pontypridd

Welfare Officer

September 2019
    Remove Fingerprint System  Activities Officer August 2019
    Side Gate in Treforest SU President November 2019
    Shorten the 20 Working Day  Education Officer October 2019  
    Better Discount of Treforest Sports Facilities Activities Officer November 2019
    Access to Childcare Education Officer February 2020
    Plumbing and Heating Issues in Treforest Halls Welfare Officer September 2019
    Free Transport between Campuses Activities Officer November 2019
    Food Prices in Treforest SU Shop SU President November 2019
    Group Work Marking Education Officer November 2019
    Varsity Activities Officer November 2019  
    24/7 Library in Cardiff and Newport Education Officer September 2019
    Change of Pontypridd Graduation Venue SU President November 2019  










Change Week is a great way to meet new students, take control of your university experience and develop various skills to boost your CV. This is your opportunity to make the changes you want to see.


If you'd like to take part in any part of Change Week, hit the button below and sign up! A member of the Student Voice Team will be in touch shortly afterward.