Apprentice Voice

Apprentice Voice


An Apprenticeship is a nationally recognised route of training that consists of an apprentice undertaking a role as a paid employee and learning on the job to gain valuable experience and knowledge of the role. Apprentices also undertake 20% of working hours undertaking learning which leads to a recognised qualification. The terms Apprenticeship and Apprentices are legally protected terms and only relate to specific courses. Currently, USW offers Degree Apprenticeships across Engineering and Digital and Technology Solutions. USWSU engages Degree Apprenticeships through our Student Voice Network but also engages with the 90-day reviews Degree Apprenticeships undertake. We are also currently looking at introducing additional opportunities to capture Degree apprenticeships.


Initial Police Training

USW is also a sector leader in Initial Police Training, being in partnership with seven Police Forces/Constabularies across Wales and the South-West of England. The Operational Policing team has developed a comprehensive feedback system to ensure that the voices of Police students are effectively captured. This is done through Staff-Student Employer Liaison Groups which are held in term 3 of the academic year and a ‘light’ version held at the start of term 2. There are also Course Representatives across all the forces who attend the SSELGs and communicate the collective feedback of their cohort. Police Officers also have the Police Federation which assists with welfare elements of policing.


The Students’ Union supports these structures and engages with them to ensure that your voice is captured and listened to regarding the academic side of your experience. We are also on hand to provide support to you through understanding the University’s misconduct procedures and can even serve as your support person. Further information on what the SU does, and contact information can be found on Blackboard for all Operational Policing Courses. The Students’ Union is also committed to enhancing the student experience for all Police Students. Alongside attending SSELGs, we also produce a thematic report that contributes to the SU’s work. We also celebrate the amazing commitment of Course Representatives through our Student Choice Awards. In May 2023, we introduced the Apprentice Representative (England) of the Year award specific for Police Officers, where a Police Student in Wiltshire was presented the inaugural award.


Network75 Students

Network 75 is a scheme that allows students to work, earn and learn. While many of the elements of the Network75 scheme are similar to that of Apprenticeships, they are not classed as Apprenticeships. Therefore, Network75 trainees are students and fall under the wider Student Voice Network.