2017 Winners


Best Lecturer FBS 

Andy Croll

This lecturer could make a study of dirt into the most exciting topic. Their enthusiasm and love for their subject has no bounds. They are a welcoming figure and very popular due to their approachable maner.


Best Lecturer FCES 

Lewis Fall

They always try to make lectures interactive, relative and relevant whilst listening to student feedback. They are always approachable and happy o answer questions if you have them.


Best Lecturer FLSE 

Catherine Purcell

“They teach in an inclusive manner, allowing open discussions, and engage with students to help better their understanding of the topic, and meet students as soon as they can if they need help.”


Best Lecturer FCI 

Sally Lisk-Lewis

“Their dedication to their students goes far beyond the call of duty. They are full of passion about their subject. The sort of person you tell your children about when you talk about teachers who influenced you.”


Best Lecturer Winner of Winners: Catherine Purcell



Best Supervisor FBS 

Kevin Brown

“They are a supportive, understanding, and most importantly, reliable person, who always responds to queries and provides valuable advice when needed.”


Best Supervisor FCES

Ali Roula

“When you come back from a consultation with them you will have been motivated by the questions that they challenge you with, so much that even one who is on the verge of giving up their hope is restored.”


Best Supervisor FLSE

Catherine Purcell

“This lecturer has changed my University experience from being an overwhelming one, to providing me with the skills to continue my degree with confidence.”


Best Supervisor FCI

Richard Parfitt

This lecturer works very hard with students to ensure that no-one fails.”


Best Supervisor Winner of Winners: Kevin Brown



Best Course Leader FBS 

Bela Arora

“They are always willing to listen and can be available at a drop of a hat. They are easily contactable, responding instantly if they are not in class. They are always making the group aware of opportunities or job applications that are available.”


Best Course Leader FCES 

Lewis Fall

“My Course Leader is always there. If you need some support or guidance, they are there. They went above and beyond for me the last few years. They are a credit to the University and I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without them.”


Best Course Leader FLSE 

Catherine Purcell

“They have been an amazing Course Leader. They always help when needed, they go out of their way to make sure all students are okay and are always on hand if you need them.”


Best Course Leader FCI 

Lesley Harbidge

“As an educator, it is substantial to encourage and influence: through their positive mindset and intellect I am constantly learning and developing as an individual both inside and outside lectures.”


Best Course Leader Winner of Winners: Lewis Fall



Best Module FBS 

International Business

“In a constantly changing environment it is essential to adapt to change and understand different cultures – this module really does prepare graduates for the ‘real world’, and has introduced me to new concepts and methods to manage businesses by providing multiple useful frameworks.”


Best Module FCES 

Clinical Practice

“This module is amazing as it allows you to learn the clinical skills and apply them on your placement in the hospital which is provided to you.”


Best Module FLSE 

Forensic Psychology

“The content of this module and the delicacy of this content have been amazing and the support is faultless.”


Best Module FCI 

Design and Animate

“I believe that this module was the best designed module I have ever done so far at the University of South Wales.”


Best Module Winner of Winners: Forensic Psychology



Outstanding Student Support

Emma Thomas

“They have been there for me every step of the way, supporting me with ideas and suggestions, accompanying me every step of the way by coming to meetings with me, checking on me when I haven’t attended University. On top of all this, they are kind, thoughtful and caring. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they always go the extra mile. I cannot put into words how valuable they have been to me at my time at USW. Without their help and support, I wouldn’t be at University today.”



Special Recognition Award

Akira Ikenaga, Vinko Jezercic and Mina Yacoub

“These students have been outstanding this year in their commitment, enthusiasm and effectiveness in supporting first year students. They have been truly inspirational.”



Course Rep of the Year

Szimona Szoradova

“This person always goes the extra mile to help not only people on their course but also all courses in the whole school. They are always happy to answer questions and alleviate any concerns and worries I may have. They have become a true friend to everyone at USW and we are truly lucky to have them.”



Student Voice Rep of the Year

Rimsha Ali

“They are a great SVR. They are always smiling and willing to help. They do their best to help out their fellow students, even in difficult situations, and that is why we all respect and love them.”



Most Inspirational Student of the Year

Sophie Simmonds


“The experience they have delivered our students has been invaluable and as a course leader, my award is richer for them being a student on it.”