Sports Clubs

All of the Union's sports clubs are led by students for their student members. They all have weekly sessions for training/instruction and some of them enter teams in the BUCS leagues or the BUCS one-off championships.

The clubs work closely with the SU to ensure that all of their club activities are safe and every member is covered by a sports specific insurance policy.


If you are interested in setting up a club not currently listed, just follow these easy steps:


  • Firstly, have a chat with the Activities Officer. Arrange an appointment by emailing 
  • He will discuss your idea with you and ask you to write a proposal.
  • Once the proposal is written it is then sent off to the Student Council for approval.
  • Once you have your approval you’ve then got the task of getting members. We recommend finding at least 10 like-minded people before you come in, so you have several members when the club is founded. 
  • The proposal only needs to be around one side of A4 outlining the aims and goals of the club and what benefits it will have for the University.
  • You also need to let us know how you plan to fund your club; the most common and practical way is to get members to pay subs annually. In the
    proposal you need to prove that your club fits with the aims and
    ideas of the Union and is a club the Union is able to support.


Contact Us


If you have any questions, whether it's about joining a club or starting one, then come and visit us at the Students' Union office in Cardiff, Treforest or Newport City or get in touch below.  

Activities Officer, Ali Akthar
t: 01443 483500





 Download the Clubs Handbook.

Download the Clubs' Constitution