Student Parents Society

A welcoming and inclusive society for studying parents/guardians to connect, share their experiences, laugh, learn and everything in between. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on!


NEW to the University of South Wales…


Are you a parent/guardian? Are you juggling dependants, responsibilities, and study all at once? Are you welcoming a little one during your studies? If so, this brand-new society could be for YOU!

The Student Parent Society would like to welcome USW studying parents/guardians, past and present, to join them. This is a place where you can come to build connections, share your experiences, laugh, learn and everything in between. It can be so incredibly difficult and at times lonely when peers without dependants do not quite understand the stresses of student parent/guardian life. At The Student Parent Society, we pride ourselves on being a relatable and inclusive community whereby students feel they can be themselves.

As the society has been set up and is run by student parents, we feel adequately qualified and experienced to provide you with the shoulders and support needed to assist with the worries and stresses that come along with studying whilst coping with tears and tantrums… and let’s not forget the kids!

We have so many exciting ideas, ranging from possible training sessions, relaxing catch ups and child (of all ages) inclusive meet ups. However, we need you on board to make this happen. We want to be as inclusive as we can as a society, because of this we charge no sign up or recurring fees… however we may ask for a cheeky donation of tea, coffee, or biscuits here and there!

A no pressure, free from judgment cuppa and catch up… If you feel that this is something you would like to be involved in, we would love to have you on board. To sign up, please contact Hollie via the email address: ??

We are all on our individual journeys, however we are all on this crazy ride together!