Malaysian Students Society

We strive to provide Malaysian students in South Wales a home away from home. To non-Malaysians, do join us to experience our multi-cultured society!


The Malaysian Student Society of University of South Wales is a vibrant and inclusive community that brings together both Malaysian students and non-Malaysian enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. We aspire to leave a lasting impression on students during their time in South Wales, ensuring they depart with cherished memories of their university experience. This is achieved through a rich tapestry of society events, communal meals, and engaging activities.

Throughout the year, we orchestrate numerous opportunities for students to come together and bond, especially during festive seasons when the sense of togetherness is most pronounced. Beyond our university's boundaries, we facilitate connections with Malaysians studying at other institutions through nationwide Malaysian Society events. These occasions provide an invaluable chance to cultivate new friendships and expand your social and professional network.

Moreover, our society acts as a cultural bridge, introducing the vibrant Malaysian and South-East Asian cultures to students, whether they hail from the local community or abroad. This cultural exchange occurs through a diverse array of events sprinkled throughout the academic calendar.

Get Involved:

Joining the Malaysian Student Society of University of South Wales is easy and open to all, regardless of your background or nationality. Whether you're a Malaysian student looking for a taste of home or an international student eager to learn about Malaysia, you're welcome here. Connect with us through our social media platforms, attend our events, or drop by our meetings to discover how you can get involved.

Contact Us:

For more information or to get in touch with our team, feel free to reach out to us at or follow us on

We look forward to welcoming you into our Malaysian family. Together, we'll make your university experience truly memorable.

2023/24 Committee

President: Lissa

Vice President: Bernard

Treasurer: Rachel

Secretary: Nick Hao

Event Director: Kayla

Social Media Director: Jing Ee

Welfare Director: Natalia

Sports Director: Fazliana

Design Director: Evelyn

PR Director: Shu Qi