University of South Wales Students' Union

Film Society

The Atrium Film Club meet 18:00 every Tuesday at the Atrium Cinema (CAB205).

We watch a movie that is voted for in a poll sent out every week, then we usually go to Porters to hang out, talk about the film, among other things, and enjoy some live music! 

Films range from blockbusters, art films, animations, and foreign cinema. There’s no rules. We love all movies. It’s super chilled out and casual, you don’t need a membership or to pay any money, you can come as often or as little as you like, you can come for just the film or have a whole night out. Literally whatever works for you. 

Meet the team: (We're a strange bunch)

Chairman - Alexander Griffiths.
Secretary - Osian Harvey.
Treasurer - James Matthews.
Marketing - Luke Heptinstall.

We send out two emails a week, one with the poll and one with the results. Get in . If there’s anything else, you’d like to know or anything we can do to help accommodate you. Just let us know! 

We love film and we want to share that love with all of you! If that's of interest, then please drop us a line!

Instagram:           usw_cinema_society
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