Ornithology & Nature




Supported by the BTO (Birtish Trust for Ornithology), USWONS is the society for all things nature related, for students to come together to appreciate some great views, get involved in conservation and make some new friends.


This year, instead of charging a membership fee, we have made membership FREE but with the option of donating £5 to charity. We have created an "event", which you can find the link to below, where you can purchase a ticket. Once we have received everyone's donations, ticket holders will be able to vote for which charity they would like the money to go to!


Check out our events page, here on the SU website, and on our Facebook page for upcoming events, and make sure to check back to see what's new. We’ll be arranging a variety of walks and activities to cater for all kinds of interests, including bird watching hikes, species identification of bugs, fungi and plants, litter picking, bird surveying and many more! 


Find us on Instagram @uswons.nature and Facebook @uswons for more information. 


If you have any questions or if you'd like to be added to our group chat, feel free to drop us a message on facebook/instagram, or email us at uswos.birds@gmail.com


We hope to see you soon!

USWONS Team (Louise, Daisy and Sam)