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Welcome to the Games Society!

We are a society perfect for people looking to play board games, card games and TTRPG's like D&D! We are extremely friendly, and have many people coming just to try something new, so don't be afraid to come along. We are based in the Treforest area, but many members do travel in to join in. We hold general meetings infrequently whenever there is a lot to go over, but these aren't too often so there's no burden, don't worry!

We offer two activities during the week:
Boardgames at Barini's: Wednesday 1-6pm
Cardgames at Barini's: Mondays 6pm till late

CORONAVIRUS: Becasue of current restrictions, we are sadly unable to meet in person for games. Due to this, we have set up a discord server to play games online as well as just a place to talk all things games. If you are interested and would like the discord invite link, please email at:

Happy Gaming!