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Past AGM wins

To help inspire you on the type of changes you can make, we've compiled our top 5 past wins!


During past AGM’s many proposals have passed which are now a part of everyday student life. You’ve probably engaged with many of our past wins without even realising they started as AGM proposals! Listed below are 5 of our past wins which still impact students today: 


Lecture recording 

Passed in 2021, this proposal means that lecturers should be recording all of your lectures. This means that once it hits exam season you have access to all of your past lectures which makes studying easier, making the top grades more reachable! 


Microwaves on Campus 

You’ve probably used or seen the microwaves that are available across all campuses, but did you know these are a direct result of AGM? Submitted as a proposal to help students save money and ensure they have access to hot meals, microwaves on campus are now a staple to many students. This proves no matter how simple the proposal, if passed it could impact students for years to come.  


Water stations 

Similarly, to the microwaves, there are water stations situated across campuses which are free to use. You can use these to fill up water bottles, saving you money and ensuring you stay hydrated during those long study sessions. Not only do these help you save money, but they also ensure that you are more sustainable, cutting down on single use plastics.  


Wednesday Afternoons Free 

As students you’re probably well aware of the fact that no teaching takes place on a Wednesday afternoon. Whether you use these free afternoons as an opportunity to catch up on work, relax or compete on behalf of USW on one of our many teams, it’s no doubt that these hours are useful to all students. The Union is proud to have successfully lobbied the University to have this implemented after its submission in a previous AGM. 


Email Pronouns  

In order to make the Student’s Union a more inclusive space for all students to feel comfortable, a proposal was passed which makes it mandatory for your full-time officer to include pronouns in their email signatures. Again, this proposal is simple in its nature, but the lasting effect of it ensures that the core values of the Students Union are upheld, and that the SU demonstrates that it is accepting of all students.