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Meet your 2024/25 Officer Team!

Get to know your Sabbatical Officer team for the academic year of 2024/25!


Congratulations to our elected Officer Team for the academic year of 2024-25! To help you get to know them better we asked them a few questions about themselves and why they stood as a sabbatical officer! 

President – Jahid Hasan 

My name is Jahid Hasan, I am currently pursuing a master's degree in pharmaceutical chemistry. Hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh, I bring enthusiasm to all I do, enjoying making connections, attending gatherings, and engaging in sports, particularly cricket & chess. I'm also a drummer and an avid traveler. 

Known for my impeccable dress sense, I take pride in presenting myself well, especially at special events. I hold positions as a student navigator and leader, helping fellow students and resolving challenges. Recently elected as President of the USW Student Union, I aim to raise awareness of our university's well-being resources and advocate for minority groups to ensure their voices are heard. 

My vision is to create an inclusive environment where all students feel welcome, regardless of background, by celebrating diversity and addressing challenges together. 


VP Education – Georgia Powell 

Hi, I’m Georgia and I am studying for a BSc Forensic Science degree, and I am in my final year (which can be stressful but is very exciting). I am from Wales, born and bred, from a small-ish town called Cwmbran. 

So, this is going to sound super nerdy, but I absolutely love learning - anything I can set my mind to! I am also a musician in my spare time; I am a self-taught guitarist and singer, I have performed at my very own gigs, hosted open mic nights and made my debut with music at Cardiff Pride in 2016. I really enjoy gaming too; Call of Duty Zombies has always been one of my favorites, since growing up with two older brothers. 

I decided to stand in the elections, as throughout my time at USW I have engaged in different roles involved in representing the student voice. I want to continue working towards making sure that the student voices are heard, and I really feel like I could be the one to initiate the changes needed.  


VP Welfare - Imam Hossain 

My name is M Imam Hossain, and I'm currently pursuing a degree in Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance Systems (BSc top-up). Originally from Rajshahi, Bangladesh, I bring a spirited demeanor to everything I do. I thrive on forging new connections, relish in festive gatherings, and have a deep passion for sports. 

One of my defining traits is my penchant for dressing impeccably; I always strive to present myself well, especially on special occasions where I take pleasure in donning new suits. Additionally, I hold the esteemed positions of course representative, student navigator, and international student ambassador. These roles afford me the opportunity to support both new and seasoned students alike, resolving numerous challenges and fueling my desire to contribute further to our university community. 

Having recently been elected as the Vice President of Welfare, I am filled with pride and gratitude for the trust bestowed upon me by those who voted. My foremost goal is to enhance awareness and accessibility to the well-being resources provided by USWSU, as many students remain unaware of these invaluable services. Furthermore, I am committed to championing the voices of minority groups, ensuring they feel empowered to express themselves freely. 

I envision creating an inclusive environment where every student, irrespective of background, feels at home. This entails recognizing and celebrating the diversity within our university, including observing special occasions such as Black History Month. My approach involves actively reaching out to students to identify and address any challenges they may encounter, fostering a supportive community where everyone thrives. 


VP Activities - D M S A Navid 

My name is D M S A Navid and I'm about to finish my Masters of Law in International Commercial Law. I come from Tangail, Bangladesh. I am a quick learner. I like to explore and experience different things. My favourite pastime is visiting new places. 

I ran for VP Activities because I'm passionate about enhancing student life, organising events, and voicing student concerns in general. 
It's an honour to know that my fellow students have entrusted me with the responsibility to represent them and I feel particularly happy about making my parents proud. 

I didn’t promise anything I cannot deliver: 
* Year-round events 
* Cater the needs of Teams, Clubs, and Societies 
* Inclusivity and diversity 
Most of all, I want all of us to work together and the day I leave office, I hope I can reflect my campaign slogan as, "Engaged. Excelled. Empowered."