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How to submit a proposal

AGM is your opportunity to make your voice heard! If you want to see change, make sure to submit a proposal!


AGM is your opportunity to have YOUR say on both academic and non-academic matters! To make these changes you must submit proposals by the 15th of January. Students can submit a proposal for any ideas they have. Ideas are classified under the following categories: 

  • Policy Proposal – Relating to Union Policy (This can include representation, introduction/removal of officer roles, and other items such as sustainability etc) 

  • Call to Action – These mandate the Union to work on issues/ideas which matter to the Student Body. This can include things such as lobbying the University to divest in Fossil Fuels, implement policies or provide specific provision. 


Any student (or officer) can submit a proposal, and this is your idea of what you want to see changed. All proposals must have: 


  • Name 

  • Proposer (The Student with the idea) 

  • Seconder (A Student who supports the idea enough to act as your deputy on the matter) 

  • 20 Student Supporters  

  • Description on the facts of the matter (The Union Notes) 

  • Description on what the proposer and students believe (The Union Believes) 

  • Description/Outline of intended outcomes and needs as part of the policy (The Union Resolves) 

All Proposals will need to be submitted to the Democracy and Campaigns Co-ordinator by the 15th of January.