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AGM 101

The AGM is happening on the 25th of January 2024! Read now to find out more about the AGM!


What is the AGM? 

The Annual General Meeting or AGM is an all-student meeting that occurs once per academic year. This is our opportunity to communicate with you as our members and take any comments, questions, or proposals. This year's AGM is taking place on the 25th of January 2024, so it’s time for you to start thinking of things you would like to see improved or implemented in the SU! 

The AGM allows students to approve the Students’ Union’s budgets, accounts, and associations (for example with BUCS). It also allows student to put forward proposals to make changes, which are then voted on by all students present. In order for the AGM to go ahead, the meeting must reach quoracy which means having enough members present. For the AGM to reach quoracy 100 students must attend.  


Why is it important?  

The AGM is an opportunity for students to scrutinise the work of elected officers and to ensure that they are fulfilling the promises that were made during their election campaigns. The SU’s Board of Trustees also submits a report which means you will be able to see how decision-making at every level of the Students’ Union has impacted you, the student body.  

This is YOUR opportunity to submit proposals to make a real difference to the University and your experience on both academic and non-academic issues. If you want changes to the way your taught or want to see more social spaces on campus, this your chance to make that change! 


How can you get involved? 

There are two main ways to get involved with the AGM. The first is to submit a proposal. This is where students, just like you, can submit your ideas of what you would like to see changed or implemented across the Student’s Union. Your proposal will need a seconder and twenty students to support your idea. If your proposal makes it to the floor of the AGM, you will have to attend and you will need to present and field questions about your proposal.  

The second way to get involved is to simply attend AGM and use your vote! We will open registrations closer to the time to attend. Registration is not compulsory, but it allows us to anticipate if we will make quoracy and organise transport for those of you studying at other campuses. AGM will take place in Eclipse in the Treforest SU building, however there will be transport available from both Cardiff and Newport. If you attend, you will be able to ask questions about the different proposals, hear updates from the Students’ Union and vote on the ideas that will shape your experience at USW.  


Make sure to keep your eyes out for more information on AGM including how to submit a proposal, past wins and everything you need to know to attend & make the most out of your vote!