Volleyball Club

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Welcome everyone on the USWSU Volleyball page, here you can find all the informations you need if you are interested in joining our teams. The club is open to every student at all levels, even if you never played volleyball before you are welcome in our club. This year, we have the chance to have an amazing coach, David Panah, who coached the USW teams before. This club is open to every USW student (for team and social). 


Two registrations are possible, first we have the social. This is made for people who doesn't want to be competitive players, you can come to all sessions, you are trainning with the players of the teams but you are not playing the games. Then we have the competitive, this is for people who wants to be a part of the team and plays the games. Note that the kit and the trip to the differents sport centers are included in the price you pay when you do your registration.



Wednesdays 16.30 - 18.00


Price of the registration:

Social: 30£

Competitive: 110£