Welfare Officer

The Welfare Officer represents students and offers support on welfare related matters. They liaises directly with the University to bring about positive change for the student body and are accountable to the President of the Students’ Union.

Cheryl Chingosho

Hello! I'm Cheryl Tariro Chingosho and I'm your new welfare officer. I'm Zimbabwean and I grew up in Kenya, and now I am undertaking a master's in Public Health.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Capybaras.
I am very bad at sports that involve hand-eye coordination.
When dressing up to go out, I put on one sock, then a shoe, then the other foots sock, then its shoe.
My favourite colour is pink and I almost always wear brightly coloured clothing.

3 things you didn't know about Cheryl

  1. I play Bass guitar.
  2. I can speak four languages.
  3. My toes point up when I'm in deep concentration.

What Cheryl is working on now

Supporting students' welfare

Cheryl engages daily with students who are experiencing welfare related issues so that they can focus on getting the most out of their university experience.

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