This is USWSU's initiative to axe the tampon tax.

Look out for the red box!



Did you know that Jaffa cakes are tax-free and tampons aren't?! 

Tampons and other feminine hygiene products are subject to value-added tax, unlike the tax exempt status granted to other products considered basic necessities. Like - Jaffa cakes, exotic meat (kangaroo, Crocodile etc.), herbal tea and houseboat moorings.

This is just to name a few things that are seen as more important that sanitary products. The average cost of sanitary products per month is around £5. However, in the case of a student parent that has 2 children this could reach up to £15 and that is just on products. This does not include stained clothes or pain relief. Altogether the majority of those who menstruate will spend £18,450 on sanitary products in their lifetime. To put that into context you can buy an Audi A3 for that much, you can put a deposit on a house and you could travel the world.



The Period Exchange 

The period exchange is USWSU's initiative to axe the tampon tax. We say loudly and proudly that we support completely free sanitary products and that is what we will endeavour to provide for you. We're committed to ensuring that a lack of access to sanitary products in no way acts as a barrier to a students' ability to fully participate in University life. Look out for the red box on campus, and let's help each other out by donating to keep the red boxes stocked up at all times.



Why is it called, The Period Exchange?

We're tired of it being a taboo to talk about periods, we want to put an end to beating around the bush. Help us keep it real and keep the conversation going. Read more



What we hope to achieve with this campaign?

We have ring-fenced the budget to provide this free product in our Students' Union spaces, however, this is by far not the end. The University needs to follow suit, we have set the example of how easy it is, now we say to the University it is your turn, show our students that even though they have periods we will not allow period poverty to hinder their education. 

Let’s make a stand and be the most progressive University in Wales. Let’s set an example for the rest of the country and put a stop to Period Poverty. Full stop.



Where can I find the red box?

Cardiff Campus

Outside the women's toilet,

Zen bar,

Students' Union.

Newport Campus

Students' Union shop



Treforest Campus

Outside the ground floor

women's toilet, 

Students' Union building.