Ballot Station Team


It’s almost time to decide who will lead the SU in 2020-21 and so we’re looking for our next dedicated Ballot Station team!  This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the most important student event in the Union’s academic calendar. You’ll be busy from the moment you start to the moment you finish. And you’ll love it.


What does being on a Ballot Station involve?

Working alongside a Students’ Union staff member, you will be based on one of our Ballot Station locations. You’ll be given a laptop, computer or tablet to show students how easy it is to vote. You’ll need to be able to communicate passionately why it’s so important to vote and how voting (or not voting) will affect their Uni experience.

Whilst we don’t give you targets, we do encourage you to try your hardest to get as many votes cast as possible. Who knows, the biggest achiever might win a prize for their hard work! So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on being a part of this amazing experience.


How to apply

Successful candidates will need to be able to work on their station between Monday 23rd – Thursday 26th March (flexible hours).

Please fill out your application form here. Deadline for submission: Monday 16th March, 12pm.

Please note: If you have decided to stand in this year’s Elections or if you are part of a candidate’s Campaign Team you will not be able to apply and work on the Ballot Stations.