Sex Work Safety

Sex Work Safety

Sex work is a term covering erotic modelling, erotic dancing, web cam sex, phone chat sex, escort work, massage parlour work, prostitution and work in the porn industry.

The media occasionally speculate that, due to the rises in tuition fees, increasing numbers of students may look to sex work for financial reasons. So far, evidence for this is purely anecdotal, but there are projects to research and investigate the issue, and to provide advice and support to students employed in the sex industry.

While this page is called 'Sex Work Safety’, please be aware that some roles within the sex industry can never be made absolutely safe, and that sex work can be linked with psychological distress. (“Several studies have reported higher levels of psychological distress levels in Commercial Sex Workers (CSW), than a non-CSW control group, even after adjusting for confounding factors” – according to this paper in the Occupational Medicine Oxford Journal).

The Student Sex Work Project

Swansea University and USW, in partnership with several organisations, has started a three-year project about student sex work. The project includes:

Visit the Student Sex Work Project for more information.

Other organisations and schemes

  • The UK Network of Sex Work Projects is a voluntary association and charity that works with sex workers and lobbies on their behalf.
  • The Ugly Mugs website enables sex workers to report abusive clients and receive warnings about dangerous individuals in their regional area.

Support within the University/Union

The Student Support department and sabbatical officers offer a range of services to all students on a non-discriminatory basis. This includes financial support, health services and mental wellbeing support, among others.

Articles about student sex work