Full-time Exec Officers are USW students that have taken a year out of their studies or have recently graduated and are responsible for making high-level decisions for the Students’ Union. They are annually elected and work a full academic year supporting activities, running campaigns and making sure your student voice is heard at the highest level.


Please note, David (VP Education) and Katie (VP Activities) are currently working on a part time basis until the start of July. We will update the website accordingly. 



Cobi Flowers
SU President
e: supres@southwales.ac.uk

Leads the Full-time Officer team and ensures the student voice is heard at a university, national and local level.



David Pye    
Education Officer

e: su.education@southwales.ac.uk

Makes sure that students get an amazing degree and works closely with Course Reps and SVRs to ensure the student voice is heard.



Kay R. Dennis   
Welfare Officer

e: su.welfare@southwales.ac.uk

Ensures students are represented on matters relating to mental health, wellbeing, and equality and diversity.


Katie Davies
Activities Officer

e: su.activities@southwales.ac.uk

Champions the student voice for teams, clubs, societies. He supports fundraising and volunteering opportunities.






Would you like to join the SU Officer team?

The Nominations for By-elections are open! You can stand to be on the Trustee Board, Student Council or the Student Voice Forum. Find out more here.





All Part-time Officer are current USW students, elected to represent and liberate the rights of students who are under-represented or discriminated against. Part-time Officers are also a member of Student Council, the highest student representative body in the Students’ Union, which ensures students have a say in how their Union is run.



Chair of Student Council 

Matthew Balwin



Women's  Officer

Gwenn Robert



LGBT+ (Women) Officer

Lauren Milton-McNally



Cardiff Campus Officer

Franciso Dionisio




Students' With Disabilities Officer

Tiffany Player




International Students' Officer

Imon Islam




Newport Campus Officer

Kyle Eldridge




Sports Officer

Mohammed Rahman






Any student can stand to become an Officer. You might want to represent students in your liberation group, or perhaps you have an idea for a campaign, no matter what your interests are and no matter what you study this is your chance to make change. For more information about vacant positions email Rhiannon Jones (rhiannon.jones@southwales.ac.uk) or keep an eye out for SU Elections on campus. 


Welsh Language Officer

Postgrad and Part-time Officer

LGBT+ Officer (3 positions vacant)

Mature Students' Officer

Societies Officer

Pontypridd Campus Officer (2 positions vacant)

Newport Campus Officer (1 position vacant)

Cardiff Campus Officer (1 position vacant)




As well as campaigning, the Part-time Officers also sit on Student Council. Through Student Council, they help to steer the Union in the right direction to enhance the student lifestyle.

  • They make recommendations about how the Students’ Union money is spent throughout the year.
  • Help to promote and suggest Students’ Union activities.
  • Make sure the student voice is being heard in the SU and the University.
  • Make real changes and improvements to the student experience.
  • Hold full-time officers to account.
  • Run campaigns and attend national conferences.
  • Get new skills that look excellent on your CV.

Student Council is the main policy-making body of the Students’ Union and is responsible for discussing the various issues that affect students, in order to set the Union’s overall political direction. The Council meets a minimum of five times during an academic year to make sure that issues important to students are discussed and, if necessary, acted upon.

Student Council is made up of an elected Chair, the President and Vice Presidents and Campaign Officers, who have a remit for specific campaigns. There are also a number of regional, open positions. Student Council Officers submit Policy Proposals on behalf of the students that they represent, with the aim of making the Union (and sometimes the University) a better place.


Upcoming Meetings - Student Council 

  • Thursday 23rd January
  • Thursday 19th March
  • Tuesday 26th May

Any student can attend Student Council meetings as an observer or submit policy proposals to be discussed. For meeting locations or more info about submitting a proposal please contact the Chair of Student Council.




Any student can stand to become an Officer. You might want to see more student activities, or perhaps you have a passion for student welfare, no matter what your interests are and no matter what you study this is your chance to make change. Students from any year of study can take a sabbatical and suspend their studies for a year to take up a full-time position or stand for a part-time to make a difference whilst you study. Keep an eye out for information about the Leadership Race from January 2020!