Full Time Officers



If you are finishing your studies this year or are prepared to take a break from them (a sabbatical), this could be the job for you. You will need to have a keen interest in representing and supporting students, as well as the necessary skills required to interact with the senior management of the University, to run campaigns and to carry out the work that students want to see done. On taking up the post, you automatically become a member of the Board of Trustees and carry the position of Company Director, roles which require you to be a level-headed decision maker.  


There are four positions available, each with a differing portfolio, but all of them are full-time, paid jobs. This year, three of the four jobs will have an earlier start date, either on a full or part-time basis. For more information on this, please contact rhiannon.jones@southwales.ac.uk



The top dog. Represents the interests of all students at USW.

  • You will promote, extend and defend the rights of all students at the University.
  • You will act as the lead voice of students at USWSU, the University and external organisations
  • You will lead the Officer Team to ensure that they are working well together and that the work they produce meets students' needs. 



Makes sure that USW students get an amazing degree.

  • You will act as a voice of students to the University on matters pertaining to education, learning and teaching space and facilities, libraries and IT. 
  • You will represent students on all academic matters. 
  • You will work with reps to make sure students have a say in how their course is run.  



Ensures students are supported and leads on matters of student health and wellbeing.

  • You will represent students on all welfare matters. 
  • You will work with reps to plan and promote campaigns and projects designed to help build student communities across USW.
  • You will run campaigns on welfare, liberation, international and interfaith issues.



Looks after clubs, teams,
societies and volunteering.

  • You will represent students on all student activities related matters.
  • You will work with BUCS and Welsh Student Sport for the benefit of students.
  • You will represent USW students at external sports and activities forums.