Best Lecturer FBS 

Cris Dafis

“He has helped me develop and has offered a lot of support and time.  His expertise shines through.  He is always able to answer my questions, however daft they may be.  His explanations are simple and he uses Power Point slides to bring examples to life.  His personality and humour bring enjoyment to grammar exercises which would otherwise be rather dry and monotonous.  He gives excellent feedback on work submitted and has helped us all prepare for assessments.   When we make mistakes, he never makes us feel stupid, but laughs along with us, and shows us how to correct our mistakes.”


Best Lecturer CES  

Richard Milligan

“He is very strict in his marking criteria, he gave me 40% which affected my chances of getting a distinction but he is always available to offer support, even during his time off. He wants his students to improve themselves and work hard. He sets open book exams in a clever way which make students study hard. I am really proud of knowing a person like him. He taught me that marks are not everything in life and he has given me some very valuable life lessons.”


Best Lecturer FCI

Sally Lisk-Lewis

“She has done a great job in saving our course and allowing us to integrate with industry professionals on a weekly basis. This has allowed us to show off our work and gain valuable work experience.  I think she is a great asset to this University and somebody who needs a lot more recognition for the work she is doing. I would love for her to win this award as it will prove that she is doing a great job and is very very well respected!!”


Best Lecturer LSE

 Rachel Taylor

“This lecturer has stood out as such a phenomenal lecturer, I couldn't NOT nominate her. She makes learning fun, and she is always so enthusiastic and happy, it rubs off on us and it's just wonderful. I looked forward to my lectures with her, as not only were her lectures fun and interesting, but her bubbly personality made me so happy and optimistic about learning. She always provides exceptional amounts of detailed feedback on our work. Not only has she been an academic inspiration, she has also offered me tremendous amounts of support regarding my personal struggles. She is an outstanding woman. She really deserves recognition because she is truly incredible.”


Best Lecturer Winner of winners:  Rachel Taylor


Best Supervisor FBS

Gareth White

“He is an exceptional supervisor and person, motivating me to aim high and subsequently achieving my best.  He is the person who taught me how to write exceptional quality papers, but also he provided me with support with my personal and professional development. He makes everything look easy and is happy to help me anytime.”


Best Supervisor CES

Emma Hayhurst

“in short, this lecturer has an astounding pedagogy and attention to detail. With her support and guidance, I have been able to produce exceptional quality work and gain a deeper understanding and passion for my subject area. She exhibits a level of care that drives you to succeed and make her proud, at the same time as being a very down to earth and to the point person.”


Best Supervisor FCI  

Stefhan Caddick

“He is always available, always tolerant, always understanding, regardless of how irrational, insignificant or confusing my requests may have been. He is never too shy to dish out the tutorials in healthy and insightful portions and is incredibly supportive. He has inspired me to achieve my goals and to produce the best work I could.”


Best Supervisor LSE

Emily Steggall

“I nominate this lecturer for her continuing help with my dissertation and because she is an expert in her field. No question is too silly and she is quick to respond to any queries that I may have. She was able to help me improve my dissertation objectives and look around my original research reading.  After a difficult final year, she has been an amazing support and encourages me to work to the best of my abilities.”


Best Supervisor Winner of Winners: Gareth White


Best Course Leader FBS

Jane Finucane

“She has been in charge of making sure first year students feel comfortable studying the broad range of topics our subject area has to offer. I feel like this is one of the most important and possibly one of the most time consuming jobs for a lecturer (thank god her office is by the kitchen where she can make a cup of tea while still in a stone throw of her e-mails) but it must be one of the most rewarding jobs. She has encouraged us to drop in during her office hours, always kept us informed of changes within the course, and she is approachable and ready to help when needed . That is why she deserves the Best Course Leader award. (Now would be the time to put in a joke referring to G.I. Jane and how awesome she is, however I think it would take away the seriousness of what I have said above).”


Best Course Leader CES  

Andrew Bellamy

“He has managed to constantly show positivity through all of the issues and problems that have arisen, as well as constantly supporting each student and offering a friendly face and advice if needed. His door is always open for a chat, he is always available to talk to and he deals with any issues  straight away. He is a genuinely funny and intelligent lecturer.”


Best Course Leader FCI  

Andrew Pearsall

“He’s a great Course Leader as he takes into account your views and opinions. If you tell him that something doesn't work, he looks into changing it for the coming year. He is always trying to improve the course and make sure that students are happy. He is willing to help you with work, even if he doesn't teach you that module. He is always willing and happy to help and happily sends out emails outside of teaching time.”


Best Course Leader LSE  

Sally Britton

“She has been the biggest support to my course group and me this year. We've had a lot of difficulties due to moving campuses and changes to course modules which were unavoidable. She had done her best to make this transition as smooth as possible, and managed to reach compromises regarding our study. Without her this year a lot of the students on the course would have most likely dropped out and not completed the rest of the year.”


Best Course Leader Winner of Winners: Jane Finucane


Outstanding Student Support FBS  

Kristy Elias

“She is fab. Always there if you have any questions, nothing is too small. She will go over the same thing again and again in different ways until you have an understanding. She will make time for you whenever you can turn up at her office, or you can drop her an email in the confidence you will get a response ASAP. Best lecturer I've had at this University and such a laugh in lectures; she is never too serious and always approachable.”


Outstanding Student Support CES

Natasha Galea

“She most definitely deserves this award. She has always been there to help a students in need. She goes above and beyond what is required of her. She understands even the most complex of students and supports them accordingly. She is the reason I have done so well in Uni. She listens and gives up her time to support students and she isn't fazed by things. She gives amazing encouragement and guidance both academically and emotionally. She is a true credit to the University.”


Outstanding Student Support FCI

Gina Carpenter

“She is very enthusiastic and always finds time to help students. She has provided support with health issues and she is efficient in resolving a lot of problems. She always provides very good advice.”


Outstanding Student Support LSE  

Madhulata Patel

“During my resits of the summer of second year I seriously considered leaving the course. My confidence in my abilities had hit an all time low and I felt that I could not continue with my studies. She took time out of her summer to coach me into finishing my work, she believed in me when I couldn't. She would ring me every day to see how my work was going and would tell me I could do it and that it would all be worth it when I graduate. Even though I did not believe I would graduate, she gave me the confidence to keep going. I did my resits, I passed them and now I am on route to graduating in July with my course mates with a 2:1.”


Outstanding Student Support Winner of Winners: Madhulata Patel


Most Innovative Teaching FBS  

Barrie Llewelyn

“Her lectures are never tedious or boring. There is always something new to discuss and we are encouraged to explore the themes we feel most passionate about. She uses technology in the classroom to enhance her teaching, but only when it adds something to the lecture. It is used as a complementary tool, rather than it being relied on. Her lectures are engaging and enjoyable to attend.”


Most Innovative Teaching CES  

Jeroen Nieuwland

“He is an amazing modern lecturer, always finding new and interesting ways to teach by using new technology. He understands students and incorporates online quizzes in his lectures that we do on our mobile devices to further our understanding of the topic. This makes everyone feel engaged and in control without feeling like we are just being lectured. His classes are very interactive and he includes drawings and extra content in his lectures. He engages us in the topic and introduces us to his new areas of research.”


Most Innovative Teaching FCI

 Neil Martin

“He is not afraid to suggest alternative routes to certain students, even if it does not comply with whatever might appear the easiest method or the most efficient. He made me see that it was OK to work in different ways to the rest of the crowd. He has made me embrace my disabilities and learning difficulties as innovative, creative tools, which has in turn given me a unique methodology to my professional practice. He is always positive, always honest and always thorough.


Most Innovative Teaching LSE

Nova Corcoran

“Her teaching technique is totally different and innovative. She always tries to engage everyone in the lecture and you feel you are a part of the team. She manages to make what could be a boring PowerPoint very interactive and caters to our age range. Her lectures are very interactive. She presents modern case studies to help us practice theories more.”


Most Innovative Teaching Winner of Winners: Jeroen Nieuwland



Support Staff (Non-Academic)

Rhiannon Pugh

“She has been pivotal in supporting my journey through my second year and planning for my post-graduate studies.  I cannot thank her enough.  As a mature student I have struggled as many of the activities are geared towards those with no work experience - which has left me feeling a little helpless.  Thank you so much for everything you have done so far to support me.  I cannot express how much what you have done has helped me. “



Course Rep of the Year

 Sian Jones

“I believe that she is the most helpful student I've ever come across. Her bubbly personality and openness are invaluable to her fellow students. She is kind, warm and easy to get to know. She puts more effort into her studies and helping others than anyone I know. She always has information to hand, and any issues you bring to her are swiftly dealt with, in a way that is agreeable to all. She is funny, approachable and undeniably motivated.”



SVR of the Year

Rhiannon Griffiths

“She goes above and beyond what is required of her, tending to the needs of other students and the student experience before her own. She is truly selfless and has been so helpful within the Maths department. She has sorted out the heating in Jblock, and quickly took ownership of issues raised. Well done!”



Student Council Officer of the Year

Carl Tubbs

“He has been an inspiration to many people in the LGBT community at Uni over the past 4 years. He has battled through many personal difficulties, but has always been there for students when needed, as well as working tirelessly for better representation and equality for the LGBT society including getting two motions passed at this year's AGM. He works so hard at everything he does, and finally deserves some recognition for his selfless actions.”