Team Fixtures & Results

Wednesday 14th February 2018


Team Opposition Home/
Venue Transport Depart Start Result
 Badminton 1st Aberystwyth 1st A Sports Centre 9.30am 1.00pm w/o to opp
Badminton 2nd            
Badminton 3rd            
Badminton Women 1st Bristol 2nd (Cup) A Kingstown sc 10.30am  1.00pm
Badminton Women 2nd Swansea 1st H Sport centre n/a 2.00pm 0-8 L
Basketball Men 1st            
Basketball Women 1st            
Football 1st            
Football 2nd Bristol 3rd H/A Sports Park 3G Own 12.00pm 5-3 W
Football 3rd            
Football 4th            
Football 5th Winchester 4th  H Sports Park  12.30pm 2.00pm 3-3 D
Football 6th            
Football Women 1st Worcester 1st (Cup) H Sports park -3G 12.30pm  3.00pm 1-4 L
Football Women 2nd            
Golf 1st            
Hockey Men 1st            
Hockey Women 1st            
Hockey Womens 2nd            
Lacrosse Bristol 2nd (Cup) A coombe dingle 3G 3.45pm 6.15pm
Netball 1st            
Netball 2nd            
Netball 3rd            
Netball 4th            
Rugby Union 1st UWE 1st H Sardis Road Own transport 5.30pm 46 -24 W
Rugby Union 2nd UWTSD Lamp 1 H Merthyr RFC 12.30pm 2.00pm w/o to us
Rugby Union 3rd Cardiff Met 5th  A Llandaff campus 10.30am 12.00pm 33-18 L
Rugby Union Women Exeter 2nd (Cup) H Sports park 12.30pm 2.00pm 61-0 W
Rugby League Exeter  cup A Dukes Meadwo 10.15am 2.00pm 20-16 L
Squash Men 1st            
Squash Men 2nd            
Tennis 1st            
Volleyball Women 1st Cardiff Met 1st (Cup) H Sports park 2.30pm  4.00pm 3 -0 W
Waterpolo  Warwick 1st A Uni of Warwick 11.30am 3.00pm 31-4 L