As President of the Students’ Union, Cobi is responsible for leading the Full-time Officer team and ensuring the student voice is heard at a university, local and national level by lobbying and campaigning. The President is the key communicator between the Union, the University, the NUS and external stakeholders.





Cobi Flowers

Cobi recently graduated from USW with a degree in Rugby Coaching and Performance Analysis. Cobi is a founder of Clwb Sparta Football club, a volunteer Rugby Coach at Caerau Ely Rugby Club and the founder and host of ‘The Shed101’ Podcast. Cobi was diagnosed with cancer last year. Nevertheless, he uses his experience to motivate people and make a difference in the world. In Cobi's words, "I am a current Cancer Patient, the battle I fight in my personal life day to day inspires me to want to make a difference in the world and in life as a whole. When life is put into perspective, it gives you limited options. For me, those options were very simple ....Make a difference!"


In his spare time, Cobi enjoys Rugby, Football (sports as a whole), Travelling, Mowtown Music, Fishing and Politics.  



"Getting to see Sian's (Sian is the CEO of the Students' Union) multicoloured hairdo!"