As President of the Students’ Union, Mishan is responsible for leading the Full-time Officer team and ensuring the student voice is heard at a university, local and national level by lobbying and campaigning. The President is the key communicator between the Union, the University, the NUS and external stakeholders.





Mishan Wickremasinghe

Mishan (a.k.a. Mish) is a 23-year-old MBA (Master of Business Administration) graduate from Cardiff. He completed his bachelors' degree in Marketing at USW. For the last five years, Mish has been an active member of the University and Students’ Union as a Student Voice Representative and Student Ambassador and even took part in the Erasmus+ programme to study abroad in Germany at a partner university.

Mish has been re-elected as President for a second term. Last year, Mish worked towards:

  • Creating CV boosting employability opportunities that encourage skill development and networking.
  • Improving the visibility of the Students' Union on all campuses
  • Creating stronger ties with USW courses to facilitate student-led events and campaigns.

Outside of the University, Mish loves travelling, gaming and trying new foods. Mish has lived in three different countries, has played national level rugby and is a drummer in a band.



  • Continue to lobby for informal employability opportunities for students (e.g. SU Talent Month)
  • Promote students as partners – ensure students are at the heart of decision making in the SU and the University
  • Continue work to develop the SU presence on campus and online


“I decided to stand for President as I had previously have been involved with the SU as a Course Rep and Student Voice Representative (SVR). I really enjoy the social and networking aspect of the SU, it brings students together, regardless of their background. The best thing for me is meeting new faces and hearing everyone's stories.