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What positions can you stand for?

Do you want to make a change to student life at USW? Why not stand in our upcoming elections? To find out more about what these positions are and what they entail, keep reading!


Do you want to make a change to student life at USW? Why not stand in our upcoming elections? During the SU Leadership race, there is a wide variety of positions within the SU that students can run for. These include both full-time and part-time roles. To find out more about what these positions are and what they entail, keep reading! 

Full-time roles 


The Student's Union is run by a team of full-time elected officers, and at the top of the chain is the President.  The President’s job is to lead the other full-time officers and ensure that the student voice is heard at a university, local and national level. You will work closely with not only the senior leadership of the SU, but also with the senior leadership of the University to ensure that the best interests of students are represented at all stages of decision making! 

Vice president Welfare 

As the VP Welfare you will champion the welfare interests of students at USW and work on initiatives that support student wellbeing. You will engage with students daily who are experiencing welfare related issues so that they can focus on getting the most of their university experience. 

Vice president Education 

As VP Education, you will make sure that students get an amazing degree, and that they receive support on academic issues when they need it. You will work closely with Course Reps and SVRs to ensure the student voice is heard.  

Vice president Activities  

As VP Activities, you will champion the student voice for teams, clubs and societies, and support fundraising and volunteering opportunities. You will play a crucial role in Varsity, in which USW competes against UWE. 


Part-time roles 

Student Council Officers 

The Student Council consists of officers who represent USW's diverse student demographic. They regularly meet to pass policy on ways to improve the non-academic student experience. Student Council Officers also run campaigns throughout the year to enact positive change.  

Chair of Student Council 

The Chair of Student Council chairs Student Council, chairs the AGM (Annual General Meeting) and sits on the executive committee of the SU. The Chair also supports the other Student Council Officers during their time in the role. 

Below is a full list of the part-time Student Council Officers: 

  • Black Students Officer 

  • International Students Officer 

  • LGBTQ+ (Open) Officer  

  • LGBTQ+ (Trans) Officer 

  • LGBTQ+ (Womens) Officer 

  • Mature Students Officer 

  • Newport Campus Officer 1 

  • Newport Campus Officer 2 

  • Cardiff Campus Officer 1 

  • Cardiff Campus Officer 2 

  • Pontypridd Campus Officer 1 

  • Pontypridd Campus Officer 2 

  • Postgrad and Part time Officer 

  • Societies Officer 

  • Sports Officer 

  • Students with Disabilities Officer 

  • Womens Officer 

  • Swyddog Iaith Cymraeg (Welsh Language Officer) 


Student Voice Representatives 

Student Voice Representatives (SVRs) are the strategic voice of students within your faculty. They attend Student Voice Forum, University Committees, Course Rep Assemblies and make a positive change on academic issues. They also contribute to the collection of data for the SVF Thematic Project. 

There are 4 SVR positions in each Faculty 

Chair of SVF 

The Chair of SVF is the Executive Officer responsible for the Student Voice Forum. They chair SVF and ensure that it runs smoothly. They also attend the University’s Learning Teaching Enhancement Committee (LTEC) and Quality Assurance Committee (QAC). In addition to this, the Chair of SVF works with the Academic Affairs Co-Ordinator to author the SVF Thematic Project. The Chair of SVF also sits on the Union Executive Committee. 

The Chair of SVF can only be undertaken by a student who has served as a Student Voice Representative previously. 

Student Trustees 

Student Trustees must have an interest in the running of the Students’ Union, for the benefit of fellow students, and some understanding of the running of a member-led organisation. Whilst the positions are voluntary, you will have a unique opportunity to learn about management and strategy, work with a diverse body of people and gain insight into the workings of a multifaceted operation. If elected, you will be expected to attend all meetings of the Trustee Board during your term of office and to make a positive contribution to Board decisions. 

There are 3 student trustee positions available.