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The Leadership Race 2017

Here you can read about all of the Candidates who will be fighting to win your vote this year. The Elected Officers will act and speak on your behalf for the whole of the academic year. By voting, you’re making sure the right people are picked to make your voice heard at the highest level.

Cast your vote. 20 March > 23 March



key dates

nominations open 20 february @ 9am

nominations close 9 march @ 1pm

candidates briefing 11 march @ 10am

voting open 20 march @ 9am

voting closes 23 march @ 6pm

results party 23 march @ 9pm


full-time officer candidates >

Chair of Student Council 

The Chair of Student Council provides leadership to the Student Council and is its main ambassador. The role includes leading the part-time officer team to ensure that the Union is delivering policy passed through the Council.

   Sian Jones

  • To hold the officers to account and make sure they are representing the views of the students.
  • To ensure compliance with all regulations.


Welsh Language Officer / Swyddog yr Iaith Gymraeg

The Welsh Language Officer is the lead representative for Welsh speaking/ learning students at the University and their main ambassador.

   Elis Widgery

  • Activities and events for Welsh Language students.
  • Ensure that more courses in USW have funding available from Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol.
  • Re-establish the Welsh Language Society.

    Read full manifesto >


International Students' Officer

The International Students' Officer is the lead representative of international students at the University and their main ambassador.

   Clara Schmitt-Gallasch

  • Go Global. I want to organize a weeklong campaign, reaching all four campuses, where the international student body and their cultures get celebrated.
  • Brex-what? I want to keep (EU) students informed about Brexit, help them understand the consequences and insure that EU-students feel safe and welcome at USW and in the UK.
  • Helping Hands. I want to create a student support network, where international and UK students can ask each other for help, be it to understand a foreign culture or to have someone proofread an essay.

    Read full manifesto >

Mature Students' Officer

The Mature Students' Officer is the lead representative for mature students at the University and their main ambassador.


   Rhys Pewtner

  • If elected, I would like to extend opportunities to mature students that currently are only available to under 25s, such as an alternative Go Wales scheme.
  • To listen to mature students and build up a help booklet of things they may find useful.
  • Carry on any work the outgoing officer would like me to carry on, as the year is short and not everything can be achieved in one year.

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Students with Disabilities Officer

The Students with Disabilities Officer is the lead representative for students with disabilities at the University and their main ambassador.

   Stephen O Shea

  • Establish the Students’ Union as being committed to the Government’s Disability Confident Scheme.
  • Ensure all societies are being disability aware and are therefore making all activities and socials fit for disables individuals to partake in.
  • Promote inclusion at the Students’ Union by ensuring all documentation, including those produced by societies, are available in easy-access formats.

    Read full manifesto >



   Holly Rees

  • I will listen to the needs of people with disabilities and try to improve university life based off this.
  • I will enhance communication between the DDS and students.
  • I will enhance awareness of physical and mental disabilities.

    Read full manifesto >


Newport Campus Officer

The Campus Officers are the lead representatives for students on each of the University's campuses and their main ambassador.  

   Boniface Iyioku

  • Working for better services in our campuses.
  • Taking policy proposals that affect students serious and making sure that student are well represented well inform of this policies.
  • I am going to make sure that Newport campus are represented in Union policies that relate to functional participation in student union.